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    1 Please use the mailing list (gtkmm-list@gnome.org) instead of emailing developers directly.
    2 See the ChangeLog for up-to-date information.
    4 Murray Cumming <murrayc@usa.net>
    5 Daniel Elstner <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    7 Some former contributors:
    9 Karl Nelson <kenelson@ece.ucdavis.edu>
   10 Tero Pulkkinen <terop@modeemi.cs.tut.fi>
   11 Elliot Lee <sopwith@redhat.com>
   12 Phil Dawes <P.L.Dawes-CSSE94@cs.bham.ac.uk>
   13 Erik Andersen <andersee@debian.org>
   14 Bibek Sahu <scorpio@dodds.net>
   15 Mirko Streckenbach 
   16 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com>
   17 Guillaume Laurent <glaurent@telegraph-road.org>
   18 Todd Dukes <tdukes@ibmoto.com>
   19 Peter Lerner <peter.lerner@bnbt.de>
   20 Herbert Valerio Riedel <hvr@gnu.org>