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    2 Traps (G_BREAKPOINT) and traces for the debugging
    3 =================================================
    5 Some code portions contain trap variables that can be set during
    6 debugging time if G_ENABLE_DEBUG has been defined upon compilation
    7 (use the --buildtype=debug option to configure for this, macros.txt
    8 covers more details).
    9 Such traps lead to immediate code halts to examine the current
   10 program state and backtrace.
   11 Currently, the following trap variables exist:
   13 static volatile gulong g_trap_free_size;
   14 static volatile gulong g_trap_realloc_size;
   15 static volatile gulong g_trap_malloc_size;
   16 	If set to a size > 0, g_free(), g_realloc() and g_malloc()
   17 	respectively, will be intercepted if the size matches the
   18 	size of the corresponding memory block to free/reallocate/allocate.
   19 	This will only work with g_mem_set_vtable (glib_mem_profiler_table)
   20 	upon startup though, because memory profiling is required to match
   21 	on the memory block sizes.
   22 static volatile GObject *g_trap_object_ref;
   23 	If set to a valid object pointer, ref/unref will be intercepted
   24 	with G_BREAKPOINT ();
   25 static volatile gpointer *g_trap_instance_signals;
   26 static volatile gpointer *g_trace_instance_signals;
   27        If set to a valid instance pointer, debugging messages
   28        will be spewed about emissions of signals on this instance.
   29        For g_trap_instance_signals matches, the emissions will
   30        also be intercepted with G_BREAKPOINT ();
   32 Environment variables for debugging
   33 ===================================
   34 When G_ENABLE_DEBUG was defined upon compilation, the GObject library 
   35 supports an environment variable GOBJECT_DEBUG that can be set to a
   36 combination of the flags passed in to g_type_init() (currently
   37 "objects" and "signals") to trigger debugging messages about
   38 object bookkeeping and signal emissions during runtime.