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    1 	This is the README for The GIMPressionist
    2 	(c) 1998, 1999 Vidar Madsen - vidar@prosalg.no
    4 	The GIMPressionist is free software, and may be distributed
    5 	freely, provided this file is included!
    7 	This program comes with no warranty, whatsoever. The author
    8 	can not be held liable for any damage caused by proper or
    9 	improper use of this program.
   12 --- Introduction
   14 The GIMPressionist is a plug-in for the GNU Image Manipulation Program,
   15 a.k.a. GIMP. It can be used to create natural looking painting effects
   16 and similar. It can also be run in a primitive "standalone" mode. 
   18 The current version is still a bit shaky, and is to be considered beta
   19 software. I'll do some serious testing, hopefully across a few more
   20 platforms, as soon as I can.
   22 The official Web-page is http://www.prosalg.no/~vidar/gimpressionist/ and
   23 will always contain a link to the latest released version. 
   26 --- Compiling / Installing
   28 To compile (hopefully):
   29 	make
   31 If you want to compile for GTK-1.1 and GIMP-1.1 instead, you will have
   32 to change the two variable at the top of Makefile. Possibly you would
   33 want to edit DEFAULTPATH as well, but that's not critical.
   35 To install plug-in and accompanying files:
   36 	make install
   38 The plug-in installs itself under $HOME/.gimp/plug-ins/ and copies a
   39 couple of files into the directory $HOME/.gimp/gimpressionist/.  The
   40 subdirectories 'Brushes', 'Paper' and 'Presets' will be created during
   41 "make install", and a few files will be added; As a minimum,
   42 'defaultbrush.pgm' and 'defaultpaper.pgm' under their respective
   43 directories. These are vanilla .PGM files, which could be edited (and
   44 created) with any decent program - like GIMP! :-) 
   47 --- Standalone
   49 As of version 0.99 and later, the GIMPressionist can also be run
   50 separately from GIMP. This is primarily intended for debugging
   51 purposes, though, as it still needs GIMP libraries to compile. In your
   52 shell, type: 
   53 	gimpressionist somefile.ppm
   55 The image specified must be a valid PPM file. No other formats are
   56 supported, and probably never will.
   58 If you click "OK", the PPM will be replaced with the "repainted" version.
   59 If you "Cancel", nothing will be done to the file. 
   62 --- File Formats
   64 The "normal" brushes are simply grayscale PGM files, which can be created
   65 with almost any program, including xv and of course GIMP. A number of
   66 brushes is included, so I guess a more in-depth explanation is not
   67 necessary. And, for those who might want to try it, GIMPressionist can
   68 also read GBR files, which is GIMP's native brush format. (You still
   69 need to copy them to the GIMPressionist's brush-directory, though. This
   70 will probably be fixed sometimes.)
   72 Version 0.99.4 introduced the concept of using "colored" brushes (although
   73 "pre-rendered" usually is more correct). The brushes' file format is a
   74 plain PPM file, but the layout is somewhat special (and kinda hard to
   75 explain);
   77 - The Red channel contains a shading map of the brush in question. Often
   78   it resembles the overall image more or less completely.
   80 - The Green channel contains a high-light map. This is a pre-defined
   81   image of the shiny parts of the brush. (Ordinary grayscale brushes
   82   have this calculated automatically with a rough emboss-ish algorithm.)
   84 - The Blue channel functions as a brush mask. When applying a brush
   85   stroke to the image, all areas colored blue in the file are first
   86   "blacked out" of the image.
   89 --- Feedback
   91 If you have any comments, criticism, ideas for improvement or new
   92 features, or if you run into problems of any sort, let me know, so that I
   93 can (try to) fix it for the next release! (And, if you find platform-
   94 dependent bugs, please try to fix them and send me a patch!) 
   96 I'm also welcoming contributions in the form of brushes or textures! For
   97 this program to be valuable, it needs them... Bad! All contributions will
   98 be properly credited, of course. 
  100 Good luck and happy painting!
  102 Vidar Madsen <vidar@prosalg.no>