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    1   GIMP UI Framework
    2   =================
    4 This document describes how the GIMP UI framework functions and is
    5 implemented. Here, "UI framework" refers to the system that saves the
    6 UI layout between GIMP sessions, i.e. how docks, dockable dialogs etc
    7 are setup.
   10   Key Classes
   11   -----------
   13 GimpDockable      - Represents a dockable dialog.
   14 GimpDockbook      - A GtkNotebook of GimpDockables
   15 GimpDock          - A columns of GimpDockbooks
   16 GimpToolbox       - Subclasses GimpDock, contains the toolbox.
   17                     Dockables are added at the bottom
   18 GimpMenuDock      - Subclasses GimpDock, contains dockables, should
   19                     probably be merged with GimpDock. The name
   20                     contains "menu" from the time when it hosted the
   21                     Image Selection Menu that is now in the
   22                     GimpDockWindow
   23 GimpDockColumns   - A set of GimpDocks arranged side by side.
   24 GimpDockWindow    - A toplevel window containing a GimpDockColumns.
   25 GimpImageWindow   - A toplevel window containing images and one
   26                     GimpDockColumns to the left and to the right.
   27 GimpDialogFactory - A factory to create and position toplevel windows
   28 GimpSessionInfo   - Contains session info for one toplevel
   29 GimpUIConfigurer  - Configures the UI when switching between
   30                     single-window and multi-window mode
   33   GimpDialogFactory
   34   -----------------
   36 The GimpDialogFactory can be considered to solve two distinct
   37 problems:
   39 1. Create widgets from text, in particular from text in sessionrc
   40 2. Session manage toplevel windows so their position is remembered
   41    across GIMP sessions
   43 One possible design adjustment would be to have GimpWidgetFactory that
   44 takes care of 1), and then have GimpDialogFactory inherit from
   45 GtkWidgetFactory and implementing 2). GimpWidgetFactory could possibly
   46 use GtkBuilder.
   49   sessionrc
   50   ---------
   51 When GIMP starts, the sessionrc file is parsed. This step puts
   52 GimpSessionInfo:s into GimpDialogFactories. Later when dialogs are
   53 created, the dialog factory looks up existing session info entries. If
   54 one exists, it uses the session info to set e.g. the position of the
   55 created dialog. If it doesn't exist, it creates a new session info
   56 object for the dialog. When GIMP exists, the current session infos are
   57 then written back to sessionrc.