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    1 gitlab-milestones.txt
    2 -----------------------
    4 This document describes how the GIMP project uses milestones in the
    5 GNOME gitlab issue tracker found at:
    6 https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gimp
    9 Stable milestone
   10 ----------------
   12 The bugs on a stable milestone, e.g. on the 2.8 milestone if GIMP
   13 2.8 is the stable release, are bugs for which fixes will be accepted
   14 onto the stable branch.
   16 Reports for bugs that are fixed in the stable branch should have the
   17 stable milestone set. Usually such a fix is done in the development
   18 branch and then cherry-picked to the stable branch.
   21 Next stable milestone
   22 ---------------------
   24 The bugs/enhancement requests on the next stable milestone, e.g. on
   25 the 2.10 milestone if GIMP 2.8 is the stable release, are bugs or
   26 enhancement requests scheduled and planned for inclusion in the next
   27 stable version. This list is rather dynamic and will be altered during
   28 the execution of a development cycle.
   30 If you fix a bug or implement a feature request for the next release,
   31 then please make sure that the milestone is set accordingly. This
   32 allows us to make a list of changes by looking at the resolved bugs on
   33 the milestone.
   36 Future milestone
   37 ----------------
   39 The bugs/enhancement requests on the Future milestone are things that
   40 the GIMP project eventually want to include in a future version, but
   41 in what version is not yet decided.