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    1 #giis.conf - Optional Configuration File.
    2 #Device name Please make sure blank space before and after = 
    3 $DEVICE = 
    4 #Directories list - Must be direct child of / (Grandchildren not allowed :-)) 
    5 #root and home included by default append you entries after that.
    6 $DIR = root$
    7 $DIR = home$
    8 #Auto update every 20 mintues - please the time value in mintues,if you wish.
    9 $TIME = 20$
   10 #Maximum Directory depth ,default value is 10.Supports upto 10 levels of sub-dir.(dir1/dir2/dir3.../dir10) - Please modify according to your needs.
   11 $LEVEL_VALUE = 10$
   12 #Added your entries below in format $DIR = directory_name Note:Here too make sure there is blank space before and after =