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    1 					README 
    2 					------
    4 				gET iT i sAY. giis 
    5 				==================
    6 				   version.4.6.2
    8 *About giis
    9 *How to install
   10 *User Guide and Documents
   11 *Support
   14 About giis:
   15 ==========
   16 gET iT i sAY.giis is a text based file recovery tool.Once you install giis,files on your disk can be recovered using giis.
   17 But Those files which deleted before the installation giis can't be recovered using giis.User has the option to choose directories too.
   18 Add only those directories where you will store important data.(adding directories like /tmp gives giis overhead and installation 
   19 will take long time).It can recovers a deleted file and restores in it's original directory,if path exists.It recovers dropped 
   20 database tables.
   22 Minimum the directories you choose will increases the giis performance.
   23 **Need to Update?
   24 giis is updated every 20 minutes. To update giis manually try giis -u so that all newly created files and folder get eligible for recovery.
   25 See INSTALL file for more.
   27 Note : giis is an admin tool.So the user should have root user rights to execute it.
   29 How to install:
   30 ============== 
   31 see INSTALL file
   33 User Guide and Documents
   34 ========================
   35 For "Ext3/Ext2 File System internals" and "Implementation of giis" refer docs directory.
   36 For User guide check out www.giis.co.in/giis_user_guide.html
   37 For DB recovery screenshots : www.giis.co.in/giis_mysql_screenshots.html
   38 For more manuals,checkout  www.giis.co.in/manuals.html
   40 Support
   41 =======
   42 Your donations will make a __huge__ difference and will allow me to write more application for free :)
   45 You can get me at <lakshmipathi.g@giis.co.in>
   47 -Lakshmipathi.G
   48 www.giis.co.in
   49 -Nov 08,2012.
   50 ==================================EOF==================================