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Release module

To build a release use:

mvn assembly:single

To list the bin release:

unzip -t target/geotools-29-SNAPSHOT-bin.zip

To test the bin release:

unzip target/geotools-29-SNAPSHOT-bin.zip
java -cp "geotools-29-SNAPSHOT/lib/*" org.geotools.util.factory.GeoTools

For more information see Controlling the Contents of an Assembly


The binary assembly is defined using dependencySets.

To add a geotools module update:

The filters to include/exclude jars are strictly enforced:


Due to a an issue calculating the dependencies included via moduleSets we cannot yet use this approach.

When using a moduleSet approach the assembly:single goal must be part of a package build:

mvn -nsu package assembly:single -DskipTests -Drelease -Dfmt.skip=true -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Dmaven.main.skip=true


To list the resulting contents:

unzip -t release/target/gt-release-26-SNAPSHOT-bin.zip 

To test the build bundle:

unzip release/target/gt-release-26-SNAPSHOT-bin.zip
java -cp "gt-release-26-SNAPSHOT/lib/*" org.geotools.util.factory.GeoTools