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Welcome to the GeoServer documentation. Please see the links below to view the documentation for your specific version.

User Manual

User Manual ( stable | maintenance )
User manual providing installation instructions and an application reference.
Getting Started ( stable | maintenance )
Quick tutorial introducing new users to common tasks.
Tutorials ( stable | maintenance )
Step by step tutorials exploring GeoServer functionality.
Extensions ( stable | maintenance )
Optional modules providing additional functionality to the base GeoServer application.

Developer Manual

Developer Manual ( stable | maintenance )
Project checkout and build instructions.
Translating GeoServer
We would like to make GeoServer available in as many languages as possible. If you are able to help start here!
Polices and Procedures
Here is how the project operates - volunteers welcome!

Documentation Manual

Documentation Guide
For those wishing to add/edit GeoServer documentation.
Spot a spelling mistake or other quickfix? Here is how to make the change directly in GitHub.

Release Versions

You can also download the version-specific documentation on the appropriate Download page.