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Documentation Instructions

For writing guide please generate and review docguide below. Documentation is written in a combination of:

GeoServer documentation is released using Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

Building with Maven

To build:

mvn clean install

To package documentation into zip archives:

mvn assembly:single


To generate the REST API documentation:

mvn process-resources

To generate a specific REST API endpoint:

mvn process-resources:system-status


To build all restructured text documentation:

mvn compile

And to package into zips:

mvn package

Profiles are defined to build individual manuals:

mvn compile -Puser
mvn compile -Pdeveloper
mvn compile -Pdocguide

And can be packaged individually:

mvn package:single@user
mvn package:single@developer
mvn package:single@docguide

To generate user pdf:

mvn compile -Puser-pdf

The ant build.xml can also be called directly with the project.version name:

ant user -Dproject.version=2.18.0
ant developer -Dproject.version=2.18.0
ant docguide -Dproject.version=2.18.0