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The sync commands uses the Transifex CLI in Go, which can be retrieved from GitHub on the Releases page (https://github.com/transifex/cli/releases).

Before use, retrieve an API token on Transifex website after authentication (https://www.transifex.com/user/settings/api/) and put the value in build.properties.

To update resources in Transifex

Use ant tx-push

To retrieve translations from Transifex

Use ant tx-pull

To add a new source file to Transifex

You can use the tx add command but for long paths it is not very handy.

A preferred way is to simply copy/paste an existing block in the .tx/config file. It looks like this:

file_filter  = ../../src/web/wms/src/main/resources/GeoServerApplication_<lang>.properties
source_file  = ../../src/web/wms/src/main/resources/GeoServerApplication.properties
type         = PROPERTIES
minimum_perc = 10

You have to change the following elements:

After pushing the new resource to Transifex, the administrator should edit the properties to give a better name to the resource and add tags.

To remove a resource from translation

To add a new language

New languages must be configured on the Transifex website, by an administrator of the project.

Actions when a GeoServer community module move to extension

To keep the translation sync in Transifex, the best things is to edit the configuration file and to only change the elements file_filter and source_file to match the new source tree.

After pushing the changes to Transifex, ask a Transifex administrator to change the name and the tags of the module in Transifex.