Module output

The module output provides procedures to write the target file of a compiler.

'action' OpenOutput (STRING)

OpenOutput (Name)
   char *Name;
If open the target file is closed. The procedure OpenOutput opens the target file for output with the file name given as parameter.

Before writing to the file this procedure must be called.

'action' CloseOutput

CloseOutput ()
The procedure CloseOutput flushes and closes the target file.

It must be called after the last output to the target file.

'action' Put(STRING)

   char *Str;
The procedure Put writes its argument to the target file.

'action' PutI(INT)

PutI (N)
   long N;
The procedure PutI writes its argument to the target file.

'action' Nl(INT)

Nl ()
The procedure Nl writes a newline character to the output file.