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A graph library with goals of speed and simplicity, Graph implements graph algorithms on graphs of zero-based integer node IDs.

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Status, 4 Apr 2016: The repo has benefitted recently from being included in another package. In response to users of that package, this repo now builds for 32 bit Windows and ARM, and for Go versions back to 1.2.1. Thank you all who have filed issues.

###Non-source files of interest

The directory tutorials is a work in progress - there are only a couple of tutorials there yet - but the concept is to provide some topical walk-throughs to supplement godoc. The source-based godoc documentation remains the primary documentation.

The directory bench is another work in progress. The concept is to present some plots showing benchmark performance approaching some theoretical asymptote.

hacking.md has some information about how the library is developed, built, and tested. It might be of interest if for example you plan to fork or contribute to the the repository.

###Test coverage 8 Apr 2016

graph          95.3%
graph/df       20.7%
graph/dot      77.5%
graph/treevis  79.4%