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Basic use of the package is just go get, or git clone; go install. There are no dependencies outside the standard library.

The primary to-do list is the issue tracker on Github. I maintained a journal on google drive for a while but at some point filed issues for all remaining ideas in that document that still seemed relevant. So currently there is no other roadmap or planning document.

CI is currently on travis-ci.org. The .travis.yml builds for go 1.2.1 following https://github.com/soniakeys/graph/issues/49, and it currently builds for go 1.6 as well. The travis script calls a shell script right away because I didn’t see a way to get it to do different steps for the different go versions. For 1.2.1, I just wanted the basic tests. For a current go version such as 1.6, there’s a growing list of checks.

The GOARCH=386 test is for https://github.com/soniakeys/graph/issues/41. The problem is the architecture specific code in bits32.go and bits64.go. Yes, there are architecture independent algorithms. There is also assembly to access machine instructions. Anyway, it’s the way it is for now.

Im not big on making go vet happy just for a badge but I really like the example check that I believe appeared with go 1.6. (I think it will be a standard check with 1.7, so the test script will have to change then.)

https://github.com/client9/misspell has been valuable.

Also I wrote https://github.com/soniakeys/vetc to validate that each source file has copyright/license statement.

Then, it’s not in the ci script, but I wrote https://github.com/soniakeys/rcv to put coverage stats in the readme. Maybe it could be commit hook or something but for now I’ll try just running it manually now and then.

Go fmt is not in the ci script, but I have at least one editor set up to run it on save, so code should stay formatted pretty well.