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    1 06-22-2002 Julian Catchen <topeka@catchen.org>
    3 	*Fixed bug in mimeParseContentDisposition() that would cause a
    4 	 segfault when processing an RFC2388 submission without a 
    5 	 filename submitted.
    6 	*Added missing #include to sys/types.h in examples/getinput.c to
    7 	 make getinput build on FreeBSD.
    8 	*Fixed several build issues with autotools (i.e. I have become
    9 	 one with automake and autoconf).  GCGI now builds without issue
   10 	 on GNU/Linux and FreeBSD.
   12 06-15-2002 Julian Catchen <topeka@catchen.org>
   14 	*Added support for sending normal cookies and encrypted cookies. The
   15 	encrypted cookies require the OpenSSL libraries.
   16 	*Fixed crlfstringbuf typo in src/Makefile.am.  Thanks to 
   17 	 Clinton Roy <croy@dstc.edu.au>.
   18 	*Added parsing code to make sure that is a filename is included in the
   19 	 Content-Disposition header, that the full path is parsed off of it
   20 	 (leaving only the filename).  IE send the full path for some reason.
   21 	 Thanks to Erik Dalin <dalen@jpl.se> for the heads-up on this one.
   22 	*Replaced setenv() with putenv() for compilation on BSD systems. Also
   23 	 added casts to fix calls to isspace() on BSD.
   24 	*Moved all the encoding/decoding functions to the public header file
   25 	 so they can be used by calling programs. This includes en/decoding
   26 	 for base64, url encoding, quoted-printable encoding.
   27 	*Changed build process to use libtool, enabling the building of 
   28 	 shared GCGI library.
   30 06-03-2002 Julian Catchen <topeka@catchen.org>
   32 	*Added functions to handle HTTP headers, including:
   33 		gcgiSendContentDisp() -- Send a Content-Disposition header
   34 		(inline/attached and a filename).
   35 		gcgiSendContentType() -- Send Content-Type header (Mime Type
   36 		like "text/html", a name and a character set).
   37 		gcgiSendLocation() -- Sends the Location header to redirect
   38 		the user to another page.
   39 		gcgiSendStatus() -- Sends a status header which can print out
   40 		a specific HTTP error code.
   41 		gcgiSendCacheControl() -- Sends Cache control headers to allow
   42 		the programmer to control whether their pages are cached by
   43 		the user's browser or a proxy along the way.
   45 05-16-2002 Julian Catchen <topeka@catchen.org>
   47 	*Added ident(1) string to gcgi.c and environment variable
   48 	"HTTP_REFERER" to the envVar[] array -- thanks to 
   49 	George Headley <headley@coherentpartners.com> for pointing out the 
   50 	missing env variable and ident string.
   52 03-20-2002 Julian Catchen <topeka@catchen.org>
   54 	*Created a new structure called CRLFStringBuf.  This structure and its
   55 	 functions will buffer an incoming stream of CRLF-terminated strings.
   56 	*Altered GCGI to use CRLFStringBuf to read in RFC2388 data.  GCGI no 
   57 	 longer needs temporary files to store the incoming query.
   58 	*Added gcgiSetLimits() function.  This function allows you to set
   59 	 limits on how much data to read for an entire RFC2388 query, and for
   60 	 a single MIME part.
   61 	*Added an addition example program called gcgiGetInput which allows
   62 	 developers to easily capture the input of a CGI query for debugging
   63 	 purposes.
   65 02-14-2002 Julian Catchen <topeka@catchen.org>
   67 	*Altered gcgi.h so that it has no dependencies on other files in the 
   68 	 project.  
   69 	*Made the library installable ('make install') using autotools.
   70 	*Moved the test programs to the "examples" subdirectory and made them
   71 	 not build by default.
   72 	*Made gcgi useable for C++ programs.
   74 02-08-2002 Julian Catchen <topeka@catchen.org>
   76 	*Found memory leak which was occurring in mimeParseContentType().
   77  	 The leak was causing a seg fault whenever a complicated Content-Type: 
   78 	 header was present (one with a boundary or something similar).
   79 	*Fixed an error in findQueryStringColl() whereby the wrong node could
   80 	 be selected if you have two or more form fields with similar names,
   81 	 like this:  "formfield" and "formfield-two".
   83 01-26-2002 Julian Catchen <topeka@catchen.org>
   85 	*Updated project to use use autotools -- ./configure, make 
   86 	*Added error checking to parsing routinges to handle empty/NULL
   87 	 strings.
   88 	*Changed all checks for spaces, *p == ' ' to use issapce() instead.
   90 01-23-2002 Julian Catchen <topeka@catchen.org>
   92 	*Altered gcgiFetchData so that it returns the MIME type, subtype
   93 	 and encoding.
   94 	*Added function gcgiFieldSize() that returns the exact size of
   95 	 the buffer that is holding the field.  This is useful when
   96  	 uploading binary files.
   97 	*Changed gcgiFieldLength to return the string length of the 
   98 	 field (used to return the buffer size).
  100 01-21-2002 Julian Catchen <topeka@catchen.org>
  102 	*Fixed bug where by during MIME parsing too many CRLF sequences
  103 	 were being removed from binary data, munging PNG files.  The 
  104 	 correct behavior is to only remove the final CRLF before the MIME
  105 	 boundary in binary data.
  107 01-20-2002 Julian Catchen <topeka@catchen.org>
  109 	*Implemented a token parser for MIME headers.  The parser breaks
  110 	 the header into logical tokens which can then be parsed 
  111 	 individually.
  112 	*Added MimeFormat and MimeDisposition enum typedefs.
  114 01-12-2002 Julian Catchen
  116 	*Fixed bug where RFC2388 decoding function was not deleting the
  117 	 intermediate file it used to decode mime MIME message.
  118 	*Fixed bug that affected corner case of BASE64 decoding.
  120 01-06-2002 Julian Catchen
  122 	*Changed gcgiLoadEnvVariables so that it can load environment
  123 	 variables of any size, dynamically.
  125 10-02-2001 Julian Catchen
  127 	*Added mimeEncodeBaseSixtyFourString() to encode base64 data.
  128 	*Optimized mimeDecodeBaseSixtyFourString()
  129 	*Added mimeEncodeQuotedPrintableString()
  130 	*Added mimeEncodeUrlString(), decodeUrlEncodedString()
  131 	*Added hextochar().
  133 10-01-2001 Julian Catchen
  135 	*Added gcgiDebug() function to allow loading of environment
  136 	 variables and query data from external files.  Allows CGI
  137 	 programs to be run from the command line or through a 
  138 	 debugger.
  139 	*Added HTTP_COOKIE to environment variables.
  141 9-30-2001 Julian Catchen
  143         *Fixed bug in urlDecode() function causing field name to 
  144 	 be overwritten.  Affected GET queries.
  146 9-26-2001 Julian Catchen
  148 	*typedef'ed the gcgi return types as gcgiReturnType.  
  149 	 Changed all external functions to return a gcgiReturnType
  150  	 instead of an integer.
  152 8-28-2001 Julian Catchen
  154 	*Changed Makefile to build a static library.  It should
  155 	 now be easier to build against gcgi. Releasing as v0.71.
  157 8-26-2001 Julian Catchen
  159 	*Initial release of gcgi library, version 0.70.