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Member "freeipa-4.8.8/install/updates/20-host_nis_groups.update" (15 Jun 2020, 1026 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/freeipa-4.8.8.tar.gz:

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    1 # This is a copy of the definition from host_nis_groups.ldif
    2 # This is required for replication. The template entry will get
    3 # replicated but the plugin configuration will not.
    5 dn: cn=NGP HGP Template,cn=Templates,cn=Managed Entries,cn=etc,$SUFFIX
    6 default:objectclass: mepTemplateEntry
    7 default:cn: NGP HGP Template
    8 default:mepRDNAttr: cn
    9 default:mepStaticAttr: ipaUniqueId: autogenerate
   10 default:mepStaticAttr: objectclass: ipanisnetgroup
   11 default:mepStaticAttr: objectclass: ipaobject
   12 default:mepStaticAttr: nisDomainName: $DOMAIN
   13 default:mepMappedAttr: cn: $$cn
   14 default:mepMappedAttr: memberHost: $$dn
   15 default:mepMappedAttr: description: ipaNetgroup $$cn
   17 dn: cn=NGP Definition,cn=Definitions,cn=Managed Entries,cn=etc,$SUFFIX
   18 default:objectclass: extensibleObject
   19 only:cn: NGP Definition
   20 default:originScope: cn=hostgroups,cn=accounts,$SUFFIX
   21 default:originFilter: objectclass=ipahostgroup
   22 default:managedBase: cn=ng,cn=alt,$SUFFIX
   23 default:managedTemplate: cn=NGP HGP Template,cn=Templates,cn=Managed Entries,cn=etc,$SUFFIX