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    1 Extending FreeIPA
    2 -----------------
    4 "Extending FreeIPA" is a developer guide to understand how FreeIPA core 
    5 framework is built and how to extend it.
    7 The Guide is written using Emacs Org Mode, see http://orgmode.org/org.html
    8 for extensive manual of supported markup features.
   10 You don't need to use Emacs to edit it, the markup is a plain text.
   12 Building the guide
   13 ------------------
   15 There is Makefile which can be used to convert the Guide from
   16 Emacs Org Mode format to different targets.
   18 Prerequisites:
   19 ==============
   20 On Fedora system following packages are required to generate The Guide:
   22 docbook-style-xsl
   23 fop
   24 emacs
   25 xmlto
   27 HTML, Docbook, and plain text
   28 ---
   29 As Org Mode is part of Emacs since version 22, building HTML, TXT, and 
   30 Docbook targets requires Emacs v22 and above (tested with v23.3 in Fedora).
   32 PDF
   33 ---
   34 Building PDF is done first generating Docbook source, converting it to FO format,
   35 and then running 'fop' processor.