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    1 libipaasn1.a is a small static convenience library used by other ipa
    2 binaries and modules. At the moment it is not meant to be a public shared
    3 library and stable interface, but may become one in future.
    5 The only files that should be manually modified are:
    6 * asn1c/ipa.asn1 - when new interfaces are added
    7 * ipa_asn1.[ch] - to add wrappers around interfaces
    9 ipa_asn1.[ch] are the public interface and they SHOULD NOT export generated
   10 structures so that the autogenerated code can change w/o impacting any other
   11 code except the internal library functions.
   13 To regenerate the automatically generated files run the following command:
   14 cd asn1c;
   15 make regenerate
   17 Remember to commit and add any new file to asn1c/Makefile.am