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    1 This directory holds sample start/stop/monitor scripts for various 
    2 applications.
    3 Right now, its kinda sparse.
    4 Hopefully, people will contribute sample scripts that other folks can
    5 share.
    7 The nice clean thing to do is provide scripts that take arguments, 
    8 like mini-functions. That way, other people can call your scripts from
    9 the top-level starthasrv,stophasrv,monitorhasrv scripts, and never
   10 have to edit other people's scripts.
   12 For example, a set of oracle scripts might take arguments like the following:
   15   oracle.start   /oracle/home/path oracle_sid
   16   oracle.stop    /oracle/home/path oracle_sid
   17   oracle.monitor /oracle/home/path oracle_sid test_user test_table
   21 Please email me with any scripts that you would like to share with folks.
   22 I reserve the right to tweak them to make them more general-purpose ;-)