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    1 README file for {start|stop|monitor}hasrv scripts.
    2 You will have to modify each of these scripts,
    3  to start and stop your desired services.
    6 starthasrv:
    7 	Starts the services you want, on an active node.
    8 	Be paranoid, and check to see that they properly start.
    9 	Return 0 on good start, non-zero (eg: 1) on fail
   12 stophasrv:
   13 	The yin to starthasrv's yang.
   14 	Stops the services on a node.
   15 	You MUST stop services before you exit from the script.
   16 	"Failure is NOT an option".
   17 	Return value of the script is not checked.
   18 	Do not exit the script until the services are stopped
   19 	This script is called both when a clean stop is requested, AND
   20 	after monitorhasrv detects an error. 
   22 monitorhasrv:
   23 	Monitor everything you are running, with this script.
   24 	Either everything is good, or it is time to take things down and
   25 	fail over to another node.
   26 	Return 0, and everything stays happy.
   27 	Return non-0, and the demon will call stophasrv, and mark
   28 	this node as errored.
   29 	At that point, you have to kill and restart the HA demon to bring
   30 	things back on-line.
   31 	This is a safety feature. In theory, it is better to avoid corrupted
   32 	starts, than to bounce back and forth in and endless loop between the
   33 	nodes vainly trying to restart services. 
   35 alerthasrv:
   36 	By default, does nothing. This gets called whenever freehad changes
   37 	state. For example, when a standby node goes active, its state
   38 	changes from "STANDBY" to "RUNNING"