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    1 README file for FreeHA, version 0.9.6
    3 "Free-HA" is an application that lets you set up your own
    4  'High Availability' cluster (On UNIX, or a reasonable facsimile).
    6 Free-HA is currently designed around the idea that the most common 'cluster'
    7 is a simple failover cluster, where you have an active node, and a standby
    8 node that takes over operation in case the active node goes
    9 down/crashes/whatever.
   12 If you want practical "here's how you set it up" instructions, go read the
   13 INSTALL document now, as well as the RUNNING document.
   17  The rest of this file is propaganda/ranting
   19      ============================================================
   22 People pay thousands of dollars for XXXXCluster software, for somethat that
   23 can inherently be accomplished with not that much coding.
   25 The expensive cluster software is usually very flexible, and can handle a
   26 whole lot of configuration and customization... that most people never use.
   28 So, I figured it was about time to make public a free way of doing what
   29 'most people' really need under UNIX.
   31 A part of this project is shellscripts, which are then based around a
   32 highly portable demon written in C that should compile and run on anything
   33 that supports BSD-style socket libraries.
   35 The presumed massive amount of shellscripting on the front end,
   36 is to figure out how to get the information the demon needs to start.
   37 Then there is a bunch more scripting on the BACK end, for startup and
   38 shutdown of services.
   41 I started this little project before I came across
   42   http://www.linux-ha.org/
   43 If that work was a decently engineered cross-platform product from the start,
   44 instead of being blatantly linux-specific, I would have stopped my work at
   45 this point, and joined that effort. But since it isnt, I wont.
   46 Also of apparent interest is www.openclustergroup.org, but that does not seem
   47 to currently provide concrete tools that solve the common need, either.
   48 BTW: I have not looked at code from either of those two projects.
   50 At some point, this project may expand into supporting multi-machine high
   51 availability, with many more tweaks. This is why I am starting with the
   52 premise of a broadcast network for heartbeats, rather than simply listing IP
   53 addresses. But first, I have to get the basic stuff happy.  And then enough
   54 people have to email me to make me feel like continued development is worth
   55 while.
   58 If you are happy with the way this software works for you,
   59 I strongly encourage/request that you submit your *hasrv scripts back to me
   60 so that they can be used by other people as well.
   64 Philip Brown, October, 2003
   65 http://www.bolthole.com/freeha/