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    1 #!/bin/bash
    2 PATH=/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin
    3 FOU4S=/usr/sbin/fou4s
    4 # The command below will update patch descriptions from the ftp server
    5 # and download necessary updates. To install the updates, run fou4s -i
    6 # afterwards. root will get a mail if new updates are found only, so there 
    7 # is not a mail every day!
    8 #
    9 # If you don't want to download all updates automatically, add the option -n 
   10 # after the --auto parameter. It is advisable not to do so, because this 
   11 # will save bandwidth during the day. If you want to limit bandwidth, you can
   12 # use the --limit parameter.
   13 #
   14 # Please also note that the --auto parameter will cause all packages listed
   15 # in the AutoList in fou4s.conf to be installed automatically. 
   16 output=`$FOU4S --auto --checkfou4s`
   17 if [ -n "$output" ] ; then
   18     echo "$output" # daily cron jobs are not mailed to root if exit code is 0
   19     exit 1
   20 else
   21     exit 0
   22 fi