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    1 To install the cronjob example files, run fou4s --cronserver or 
    2 fou4s --cronworkstation. The difference is, that a server runs 24/7, and fou4s
    3 will run every day at a specified time. On a workstation, fou4s is executed
    4 with the other scripts from /etc/cron.daily.
    6 If new updates are found, they are automatically downloaded and root will
    7 get a mail for information. To install the downloaded updates, run fou4s -i.
    9 The username defaults to root, to run the update as root. You can also run
   10 fou4s as a user that is member of group fou4s. Since version 0.4, the
   11 packagelist and packages directories are group writeable by group fou4s.
   13 Usually, some processes need to be restarted after an update, so a fully-
   14 automatic update mechanism (download and install) is not really doable (and 
   15 useful - except if you have a closed network and test the patches before you 
   16 let the client machines use them).
   18 Markus Gaugusch <fou4s@gaugusch.at>