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    1 fou4s - Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE
    2 Copyright (C) 2002-2012 Markus Gaugusch <fou4s@gaugusch.at>
    4 Features:
    5 =========
    7 * Tested with SuSE 8.1 to 12.4 (automatic release detection) and most
    8   business products (eMail-Server 3.1, SLES 7/8/9/10, SLOX 4.x)
    9 * Fou4s gets the patch descriptions from an FTP/HTTP server (Can be set 
   10   in /etc/fou4s.conf, or using the --server option). This is on demand only and 
   11   not every time. Only changed/new patch descriptions are actually downloaded.
   12 * Fou4s compares downloaded description files with installed RPMs and prints
   13   differences (version number). Full automatic update installation is supported
   14   as well. The detailed update descriptions can also be shown (parameter -v)
   15 * Bandwith limiting. Since fou4s 0.10, a download limit in kb/s can be set.
   16 * Download and export updates for other (offline) hosts.
   17 * Support for external HTTP download URLs (e.g. NVidia drivers)
   18 * Downloads and installs the RPMs using wget or curl (with continue option -
   19   interrupted downloads will be resumed)
   20 * Everything except real upgrade can be done as normal user.
   21 * Signature checking - Non-SuSE packages will be rejected (with the exception
   22   of fou4s updates, which are signed with another key only for fou4s).
   23   To install your own packages, the signing key of the package must be fully
   24   trusted.
   25 * Runs SuSEconfig after an update (can be turned off)
   26 * HTTP proxy support (using the environment variable http_proxy, which is used 
   27   by wget/curl then)
   30 Known Bugs/Missing features
   31 ===========================
   33 Please see the KNOWN-BUGS file.
   35 Documentation
   36 =============
   38 Except from this README and the web page, there are two manual pages:
   39 fou4s(1) and fou4s.conf(5). 
   40 Of course, the shell script fou4s itself is documented, too. But don't 
   41 expect too much :)
   44 Screenshot
   45 ==========
   47 fou4s v0.13.1  (c) 2002-2005 Markus Gaugusch <fou4s@gaugusch.at>
   48 usage: fou4s -u [-bqv] [--checkfou4s] [--patchescont] [--proxyuser]
   49                 [--proxypasswd]
   50        fou4s -e [--all] [-bdosv] [--proxyuser] [--proxypasswd]
   51        fou4s --auto [-nosv]
   52        fou4s -i [-abcdgnorsv] [-f file] [--interactive] [--nodeps]
   53                 [--proxyuser] [--proxypasswd]
   54        fou4s -l [-os]
   55        fou4s --server [-vw] [--proxyuser] [--proxypasswd]
   56        fou4s --checkdeleted
   57        fou4s --fixperm
   58 Type fou4s --help for more information.
   59 See the manual page fou4s(1) for detailed help.
   62 Download
   63 ========
   65 You can get fou4s at http://fou4s.gaugusch.at/
   66 I RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO USE THE RPM PACKAGE, because it comes with a good 
   67 configuration file, everything is preconfigured, and automatic updates of fou4s
   68 itself are possible. Also, it is signed with my gpg key:
   69 fou4s@gaugusch.at/Fingerprint CF56 897E 834F F180 E941  0E50 0EA1 932B AFB6 6D7C
   70 You can also use the Makefile and do "make install" yourself, but there is no 
   71 (maintained) uninstall.
   73 The tar.bz2 file can be used to create an RPM package:
   74 rpm --target noarch -bb fou4s-0.x.y.tar.bz2
   75 The RPM file is stored in /usr/src/packages/RPMS/noarch/fou4s-0.x.y-z.noarch.rpm
   78 Config File
   79 ===========
   81 The following files are tried to be used as a config file:
   82 ~/.fou4s # this has the highest priority and is the default
   83 /etc/fou4s.conf
   84 It is automatically created, if none is found and you use the --server option 
   85 to select another server.
   87 See the manual page fou4s.conf(5) for more information about the config file.
   90 Quick Start
   91 ===========
   93 RPM version:
   94 rpm -Uvh fou4s-0.x.y-z.noarch.rpm
   95 fou4s --server -w # select ftp server (not necessary, default: 
   96                                        download.opensuse.org)
   97 fou4s -u --checkfou4s # get update description files for suse and fou4s
   98 fou4s -ev # check for updates, but no download/install (evaluation)
   99 fou4s -i # download and install all available updates
  101 tar.bz2 version:
  102 tar --bzip2 -xvf fou4s-0.x.y.tar.bz2
  103 cd fou4s-0.x.y
  104 ./fou4s --server -w
  105 ./fou4s -u --checkfou4s 
  106 ./fou4s -ev
  107 ./fou4s -i
  108 Note: On SuSE >= 8.0, tar xIvf doesn't work anymore, you have to use xjvf.
  109 The --bzip2 option is universal.
  111 After installation, you probably want to install fou4s in cronjob mode:
  112 Run fou4s --cronserver or fou4s --cronworkstation (as root). The server
  113 variant runs every day at a fixed time, while in workstation mode, fou4s is
  114 called together with the other cron.daily scripts.
  115 If you use the RPM version of fou4s, normal users must have write permissions 
  116 in /var/cache/fou4s/* to make fou4s work. Beginning with version 0.4, members 
  117 of the group fou4s (automatically created during RPM installation) are allowed 
  118 to write there.
  121 Contributions/Thanks
  122 ====================
  124 Thanks to Christian Erpelding <che at ce-data dot de> for some enhancements to 
  125 0.0.1 - I had most of them already in mind, but it's good to know, what other 
  126 people want :)
  127 Thanks to Kilian Krause <kk at verfaction dot de> for beta testing 0.0.3 and 
  128 some suggestions for functionality.
  129 Thanks to Guenther Sommer <gue at rettung dot at> for the ftp-benchmark utility 
  130 contributed to 0.1.0.
  131 Thanks to Gottfried Necker <gottfried.necker at iket dot fzk dot de>, who sent 
  132 me a patch fixing UseFullPath in 0.4.1.
  133 Many thanks to Lars Ellenberg <l.g.e at web dot de>, who sent me MANY improvements for 
  134 0.7.0 and later - I really learnt a LOT from you!
  136 And finally, thanks to the following people, who contributed by suggesting
  137 new features or reporting bugs (no particular order):
  138 Thomas Schallar
  139 Peter Poeml <poeml at cmdline dot net>
  140 Steffen Dettmer <steffen at dett dot de>
  141 Christoph Thiel <ct at kki dot org>
  142 Bernhard Held <bheld at mgpi dot de>
  143 Peter Suetterlin <pit at hst33127 dot phys dot uu dot nl>
  144 Bernd Krüger-Knauber <bkk at infratec-plus dot de>
  145 René Gallati <rene at gallati dot net>
  146 Alexander Reach <reach at martinsfeld dot de>
  147 Anatol Studler <studler at ise dot ch>
  148 Manfred Larcher <mlarcher at pirlo dot com>
  149 Michael T Hintsala <michael dot hintsala at fi dot ibm dot com>
  150 Kevin Ivory <Ivory at SerNet dot de>
  151 Robert C dot  Paulsen Jr dot  <robert at paulsenonline dot net>
  152 Hans Foertsch <hans_foertsch at hotmail dot com>
  153 Markus Winkler <mw at jku dot at>
  156 Contact
  157 =======
  159 http://fou4s.gaugusch.at/
  160 Markus Gaugusch <fou4s@gaugusch.at>