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    1 Known limitations, bugs and hints - Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE (fou4s)
    2 ======================================================================
    4 * Current business products have more than one update tree (e.g. CORE9 +
    5   SLES9 + SDK). Currently there is no possibility to check all those trees
    6   because SUSEPRODUCT is handled as a single entity within fou4s.
    7   As a workaround, you can tell fou4s to use a different config file for 
    8   the other two trees or run it with --product=XXX multiple times.
   10 * Autodetection of SuSE business products may fail in some cases
   11   If you get 404 errors, you have to supply SuSEProduct and SuSEVersion in
   12   fou4s.conf. Please tell me, which business product you are using.
   13   Please note, that normal update servers don't contain business product 
   14   updates, you must use fou4s --server -w to get an updated list of servers
   15   containing business product updates. Currently, there is only one server
   16   available for business products: sdb.suse.de (see fou4s.conf).
   18 * Packages from other directories require an rsync server
   19   Non-update packages can only be downloaded, if the server supports rsync. 
   20   Rsync is used to get recursive directory listings. Fou4s converts this 
   21   listing to patch descriptions, that can be used for comparison. One of the 
   22   servers given with Server= must be an rsync server to make this work. 
   23   See /etc/fou4s.conf for examples (packman, supplementary updates).
   25 * FTP servers can't be used over a proxy
   26   Sorry, wget can't read the index pages generated by most proxies. Maybe 
   27   some day fou4s will be capable of reading such a html index for wget.
   29 * Installation of pending patches does not work 
   30   A pending patch means, that there are e.g. 5 updates in an update description,
   31   but not all of them are installed on the system. If the update description
   32   contains "UpdateOnlyInstalled = false", and the -a option is given, pending 
   33   patches cannot be installed.
   35 * Failed http downloads don't cause an error message from fou4s
   36   There seems to be a bug in wget, returning 0 (ok) as return value, if the
   37   -r (recursive) option is specified. Fou4s uses -r for http servers, so 
   38   there may be no "Download failed" message, if something wrong happens with 
   39   downloads from a http server (during fou4s -u).
   41 * Can I update from SuSE 8.1 to 8.2?
   42   No, fou4s cannot do cross-distribution upgrades for you. This is also not
   43   possible via YOU, so I don't feel bad ;-) Use YaST if you want to do this
   44   (as I do), or try apt4rpm from http://linux01.gwdg.de/apt4rpm/ .