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    1 FAQ - Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE (fou4s)
    2 ========================================
    4 * What are packman/supplementary updates?
    5   Fou4s is capable of downloading packages from other sources than YOU.
    6   You can specify an rsync server (sorry - no HTTP/FTP!), and fou4s will search
    7   all RPM files there, generated patch descriptions and process them like
    8   normal updates. See /etc/fou4s.conf and look for the commented "Server="
    9   lines as examples.
   10   To answer the original question: Packman infos can be found at 
   11   http://packman.links2linux.de/ .  
   12   Supplementary updates are from SuSE. See also fou4s(1) for information.
   14 * A script was found, what shall I do?
   15   Currently the script-"packages" provided by SuSE are used to download
   16   truetype fonts or nvidia drivers, that can't be installed from CD because of
   17   legal issues. Scripts require interactive mode of fou4s, because fou4s
   18   can't know if you really want to install nvidia drivers or truetype fonts.
   19   You can also choose not to run the script using the skip (s) option when
   20   running fou4s --interactive.
   21   If you want to run the script, although it was skipped before, delete the
   22   appropriate line from /var/cache/fou4s/skipped-packages.$HOSTNAME.$suseversion
   24 * WARNING: different versioning scheme: foo: 1.2.1 > 1.0 = true
   25   This means, that the structure of the version from the old package is 
   26   different from the new package. The true or false indictates the guess of
   27   fou4s, if the other version number is newer or not. If you get this warning
   28   with "= false" at the end (and fou4s guesses right), you can put the
   29   specific package on the IgnoreList in fou4s.conf to suppress the Warning.
   31 * [: too many arguments
   32   This is a bug in fou4s. Please send me the output of
   33   bash -vx fou4s --ri <your options> &>fou.log
   35 * gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found. the signature could not be verified
   36   The fou4s build key was not imported into your keyring (or if you are running
   37   fou4s as root on SuSE >= 8.0: the RPM keyring). This should not happen, please
   38   tell me exactly how you installed fou4s!