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Generate thumbnails based on folder

In the 3.3.12 release we introduced a way to generate thumbnails based on the folders in a given path.

For instance if you have a module that allows the administrator to upload an image, you probably want to create a thumbnail to show it in the datagrid. But on the frontend you will need the image in differents sizes, for instance a square 128x128-image to use in the overview, or a image where the maximum width is 720px.

Well from now on you don’t have to worry about writing that code. Just create the folders:

In your module you can use the code below:

$this->form->getField('image')->generateThumbnails($imagePath, time() . '.png');

Where $imagePath is the folder that contains the thumbnail folders, if it doesn’t exists a folder called source will be created to store the source-file.

Generating thumbnails using the CLI

bin/console forkcms:thumbnails:generate --folder=Users/avatars