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iOS host app

Used by the module_test_ios.dart device lab test.

iOS host app for a Flutter module created using

$ flutter create -t module hello

and placed in a sibling folder to (a clone of) the host app. flutterapp/lib/marquee.dart and flutterapp/lib/main.dart must be copied into the new module lib for platform unit tests to pass.

This application demonstrates some basic functionality for Add2App, along with a native iOS ViewController as a baseline and to demonstrate interaction.

  1. A regular iOS view controller (UIViewController), similar to the default flutter create template (NativeViewController.m).
  2. A FlutterViewController subclass that takes over the full screen. Demos showing this both from a cold/fresh engine state and a warm engine state (FullScreenViewController.m).
  3. A demo of pushing a FlutterViewController on as a child view.
  4. A demo of showing both the native and the Flutter views using a platform channel to interact with each other (HybridViewController.m).
  5. A demo of showing two FlutterViewControllers simultaneously (DualViewController.m).

A few key things are tested here (FlutterUITests.m):

  1. The ability to pre-warm the engine and attach/detach a ViewController from it.
  2. The ability to use platform channels to communicate between views.
  3. The ability to simultaneously run two instances of the engine.