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Flatbuffers Intermediate Representation {#intermediate_representation}

We use reflection.fbs as our intermediate representation. flatc parses .fbs files, checks them for errors and stores the resulting data in this IR, outputting .bfbs files. Since this IR is a Flatbuffer, you can load and use it at runtime for runtime reflection purposes.

There are some quirks:


You can invoke it like so

flatc -b --schema ${your_fbs_files}

This generates .bfbs (binary flatbuffer schema) files.

Some information is not included by default. See the --bfbs-filenames and --bfbs-comments flags. These may be necessary for code-generators, so they can add documentation and maybe name generated files (depending on the generator).

TODO(cneo): Flags to output bfbs as flexbuffers or json.

TODO(cneo): Tutorial for building a flatc plugin.