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    1 // This file was generated using `godoc` and customized for use with the
    2 // API Reference documentation. To recreate this file, use the `godoc` tool
    3 // (http://godoc.org) with the files in the `flatbuffers/go` folder.
    4 //
    5 // Note: You may need to ensure that copies of the files exist in the
    6 // `src/` subfolder at the path set by the `$GOROOT` environment variable.
    7 // You can either move the files to `$GOROOT/src/flatbuffers` manually, if
    8 // `$GOROOT` is already set, otherwise you will need to manually set the
    9 // `$GOROOT` variable to a path and create `src/flatbuffers` subfolders at that
   10 // path. Then copy these files into `$GOROOT/src/flatbuffers`. (Some versions of
   11 // `godoc` include a `-path` flag. This could be used instead, if available).
   12 //
   13 // Once the files exist at the `$GOROOT/src/flatbuffers` location, you can
   14 // regenerate this doc using the following command:
   15 // `godoc flatbuffers > GoApi_generated.txt`.
   16 //
   17 // After the documentation is generated, you will have to manually remove any
   18 // non-user facing documentation from this file.
   20 /// [Go API]
   23 package flatbuffers
   24     Package flatbuffers provides facilities to read and write flatbuffers
   25     objects.
   27 TYPES
   29 type Builder struct {
   30     // `Bytes` gives raw access to the buffer. Most users will want to use
   31     // FinishedBytes() instead.
   32     Bytes []byte
   33 }
   34     Builder is a state machine for creating FlatBuffer objects. Use a
   35     Builder to construct object(s) starting from leaf nodes.
   37     A Builder constructs byte buffers in a last-first manner for simplicity
   38     and performance.
   42 func NewBuilder(initialSize int) *Builder
   43     NewBuilder initializes a Builder of size `initial_size`. The internal
   44     buffer is grown as needed.
   46 func (b *Builder) CreateByteString(s []byte) UOffsetT
   47     CreateByteString writes a byte slice as a string (null-terminated).
   49 func (b *Builder) CreateByteVector(v []byte) UOffsetT
   50     CreateByteVector writes a ubyte vector
   52 func (b *Builder) CreateString(s string) UOffsetT
   53     CreateString writes a null-terminated string as a vector.
   55 func (b *Builder) EndVector(vectorNumElems int) UOffsetT
   56     EndVector writes data necessary to finish vector construction.
   58 func (b *Builder) Finish(rootTable UOffsetT)
   59     Finish finalizes a buffer, pointing to the given `rootTable`.
   61 func (b *Builder) FinishedBytes() []byte
   62     FinishedBytes returns a pointer to the written data in the byte buffer.
   63     Panics if the builder is not in a finished state (which is caused by
   64     calling `Finish()`).
   66 func (b *Builder) Head() UOffsetT
   67     Head gives the start of useful data in the underlying byte buffer. Note:
   68     unlike other functions, this value is interpreted as from the left.
   70 func (b *Builder) PrependBool(x bool)
   71     PrependBool prepends a bool to the Builder buffer. Aligns and checks for
   72     space.
   74 func (b *Builder) PrependByte(x byte)
   75     PrependByte prepends a byte to the Builder buffer. Aligns and checks for
   76     space.
   78 func (b *Builder) PrependFloat32(x float32)
   79     PrependFloat32 prepends a float32 to the Builder buffer. Aligns and
   80     checks for space.
   82 func (b *Builder) PrependFloat64(x float64)
   83     PrependFloat64 prepends a float64 to the Builder buffer. Aligns and
   84     checks for space.
   86 func (b *Builder) PrependInt16(x int16)
   87     PrependInt16 prepends a int16 to the Builder buffer. Aligns and checks
   88     for space.
   90 func (b *Builder) PrependInt32(x int32)
   91     PrependInt32 prepends a int32 to the Builder buffer. Aligns and checks
   92     for space.
   94 func (b *Builder) PrependInt64(x int64)
   95     PrependInt64 prepends a int64 to the Builder buffer. Aligns and checks
   96     for space.
   98 func (b *Builder) PrependInt8(x int8)
   99     PrependInt8 prepends a int8 to the Builder buffer. Aligns and checks for
  100     space.
  102 func (b *Builder) PrependUOffsetT(off UOffsetT)
  103     PrependUOffsetT prepends an UOffsetT, relative to where it will be
  104     written.
  106 func (b *Builder) PrependUint16(x uint16)
  107     PrependUint16 prepends a uint16 to the Builder buffer. Aligns and checks
  108     for space.
  110 func (b *Builder) PrependUint32(x uint32)
  111     PrependUint32 prepends a uint32 to the Builder buffer. Aligns and checks
  112     for space.
  114 func (b *Builder) PrependUint64(x uint64)
  115     PrependUint64 prepends a uint64 to the Builder buffer. Aligns and checks
  116     for space.
  118 func (b *Builder) PrependUint8(x uint8)
  119     PrependUint8 prepends a uint8 to the Builder buffer. Aligns and checks
  120     for space.
  122 func (b *Builder) Reset()
  123     Reset truncates the underlying Builder buffer, facilitating alloc-free
  124     reuse of a Builder. It also resets bookkeeping data.
  125 /// [Go API]