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FlatBuffers for Dart

This package is used to read and write FlatBuffers.

Most consumers will want to use the flatc - FlatBuffer compiler binary for your platform. You can find it in the generator/{Platform} directory of the released package archive.

The FlatBuffer compiler flatc reads a FlatBuffers IDL schema and generates Dart code. The generated classes can be used to read or write binary data/files that are interoperable with other languages and platforms supported by FlatBuffers, as illustrated in the example.dart in the examples folder.

For more details and documentation, head over to the official site and read the Tutorial and how to use FlatBuffers in Dart.

Dart 2.0 notes

Version 2.0.5 ships with it's own custom build of flatc because this is an extraordinary release to catch-up with FlatBuffers for other platforms. This generator can only generate dart code (to avoid generating code for other platforms which isn't released yet). On the other hand, the generated code still produces standard binary FlatBuffers compatible with other languages. In other words: only flatc --dart ... works with this generator, but your app will be able to produce and read standard binary (Uint8List) FlatBuffers that are fully compotible with other languages supporting FlatBuffers (e.g. Java, C++, ...).

In the future a common flatc binary for all platforms would be shipped through GitHub release page instead.