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    1 Name: OpenMAX DL
    2 Short Name: OpenMax DL
    3 URL: https://silver.arm.com/download/Software/Graphics/OX000-BU-00010-r1p0-00bet0/OX000-BU-00010-r1p0-00bet0.tgz
    4 Version: 1.0.2
    5 License: BSD
    6 License File: LICENSE
    7 Security Critical: yes
    9 Description:
   10 Implementation of OpenMAX DL spec from ARM.  This is used to support
   11 WebAudio for Chromium on Android.
   13 Local Modifications:
   14 Only the FFT routines from the OpenMAX DL package are included.  The
   15 code was modified to work with gcc and a new implementation for a
   16 floating-point FFT was added.
   18 The original ARM license is unclear, but Google has obtained
   19 permission to relicense this code under a BSD license.