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    1 This README covers the Ogg Vorbis 'Tremor' integer playback codec
    2 source as of date 2002 09 02, version 1.0.0.
    4                             ******
    6 The C source in this package will build on any ANSI C compiler and
    7 function completely and properly on any platform.  The included build
    8 system assumes GNU build system and make tools (m4, automake,
    9 autoconf, libtool and gmake).  GCC is not required, although GCC is
   10 the most tested compiler.  To build using GNU tools, type in the
   11 source directory:
   13 ./autogen.sh
   14 make
   16 Currently, the source implements playback in pure C on all platforms
   17 except ARM, where a [currently] small amount of assembly (see
   18 asm_arm.h) is used to implement 64 bit math operations and fast LSP
   19 computation.  If building on ARM without the benefit of GNU build
   20 system tools, be sure that '_ARM_ASSEM_' is #defined by the build
   21 system if this assembly is desired, else the resulting library will
   22 use whatever 64 bit math builtins the compiler implements.
   24 No math library is required by this source.  No floating point
   25 operations are used at any point in either setup or decode.  This
   26 decoder library will properly decode any past, current or future
   27 Vorbis I file or stream.
   29                            ********
   31 The build system produces a static and [when supported by the OS]
   32 dynamic library named 'libvorbisidec'.  This library exposes an API
   33 nearly identical to the BSD reference library's 'libvorbisfile',
   34 including all the features familiar to users of vorbisfile.  This API
   35 is similar enough that the proper header file to include is named
   36 'ivorbisfile.h' [included in the source build directory].  Lower level
   37 libvorbis-style headers and structures are in 'ivorbiscodec.h'
   38 [included in the source build directory]. A simple example program,
   39 ivorbisfile_example.c, can be built with 'make example'.
   41                            ********
   43 Detailed Tremor API Documentation begins at doc/index.html
   45 Monty
   46 xiph.org