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The goal of this document is to provide extensive links to documentation on the Gecko Layout components and classes. There are two sections containing links to the documents, and there is overlap between these sections by design. First, there is a 'Topics' section, where documentation is listed by generic topics, more or less free-form and ad-hoc. Second, there is a 'Class and Component' section, where specific classes and components are listed, mapping naturally to the source code. All documents should be indexed in both sections, so pick the index that corresponds to what you are thinking about. A Tech Notes section is also included to help contributors find information on small topics and issues, including simple 'How To' cookbooks.

For information about the structure of layout documents, see the Layout Documentation Overview  and the Layout DocumentationTemplates (High Level Design Template / Detailed Design Template).


Topic Indices

What is Layout? The High Level Layout Overview (attinasi)

Debugging Layout (bernd)

How Reflow works

Tables balancing (karnaze)

Table Borders collapsing (karnaze)

Block in Inline situations (kin)

Managing Floats

Text Measurement and Text Breaking

Image loading and display

Margin Collapsing

Scrolling Blocks

Box and Block interactions

Printing and Print Preview (rods)

Plugins: the object frame and related layout classes

Class and Component Indices

Presentation Shell and Context: High Level / Detailed

Frames and the Frame Manager: High Level / Detailed

Reflow: High Level (waterson) / Detailed

Block and Line layout: High Level / Detailed

TextFrame - Text Measurement and Line Breaking: High Level / Detailed

PageSequenceFrame and PageFrame: High Level / Detailed (rods)

Object Frame: High Level / Detailed

Space Manager: High Level / Detailed

Layout Debug Plugin: high Level / Detailed (dcone)

How To / Tech Notes

How to Debug Reflow

Waterson's Block and Line Cheat Sheet

How to add Style Properties

Measuring Layout Performance

Running the Regression Tests (bernd/dcone)

Debugging Table Reflow


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