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GPU renderer for the Web content, used by Servo.

Note that the canonical home for this code is in gfx/wr folder of the mozilla-central repository at https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central. The Github repository at https://github.com/servo/webrender should be considered a downstream mirror, although it contains additional metadata (such as Github wiki pages) that do not exist in mozilla-central. Pull requests against the Github repository are still being accepted, although once reviewed, they will be landed on mozilla-central first and then mirrored back. If you are familiar with the mozilla-central contribution workflow, filing bugs in Bugzilla and submitting patches there would be preferred.

Update as a Dependency

After updating shaders in WebRender, go to servo and:

Use WebRender with Servo

To use a local copy of WebRender with servo, go to your servo build directory and:

"webrender" = { path = "<path>/webrender" }
"webrender_api" = { path = "<path>/webrender_api" }

where <path> is the path to your local copy of WebRender.


The Wiki has a few pages describing the internals and conventions of WebRender.


Tests run using OSMesa to get consistent rendering across platforms.

Still there may be differences depending on font libraries on your system, for example.

See this gist for how to make the text tests useful in Fedora, for example.