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    1 This directory contains the HarfBuzz source from the upstream repo:
    2 https://github.com/harfbuzz/harfbuzz
    4 Current version: 2.5.3 [commit b14e413fae8f14b75c5956e9b38e413c878ded0c]
    8 Our in-tree copy of HarfBuzz does not depend on any generated files from the
    9 upstream build system. Therefore, it should be sufficient to simply overwrite
   10 the in-tree files one the updated ones from upstream to perform updates.
   12 To simplify this, the in-tree copy can be updated by running
   13   sh update.sh
   14 from within the gfx/harfbuzz directory.
   16 If the collection of source files changes, manual updates to moz.build may be
   17 needed as we don't use the upstream makefiles.