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Supported Configurations

This page attempts to document supported build configurations.


We support building on Windows XP and newer operating systems using Visual Studio 2010 and newer.

The following are not fully supported by Mozilla (but may work):


We support building on OS X 10.6 and newer with the OS X 10.6 SDK.

The tree should build with the following OS X releases and SDK versions:

The tree requires building with Clang 3.3 and newer. This corresponds to version of 4.2 of Apple's Clang that ships with Xcode. This corresponds to Xcode 4.6 and newer. Xcode 4.6 only runs on OS X 10.7.4 and newer. So, OS X 10.6 users will need to install a non-Apple toolchain. Running mach bootstrap should install an appropriate toolchain from Homebrew or MacPorts automatically.

The tree should build with GCC 4.4 and newer on OS X. However, this build configuration isn't as widely used (and differs from what Mozilla uses to produce OS X builds), so it's recommended to stick with Clang.


Linux 2.6 and later kernels are supported.

Most distributions are supported as long as the proper package dependencies are in place. Running mach bootstrap should install packages for popular Linux distributions. configure will typically detect missing dependencies and inform you how to disable features to work around unsatisfied dependencies.

Clang 3.3 or GCC 4.4 is required to build the tree.