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    1 $File: MAINT,v 1.10 2008/02/05 19:08:11 christos Exp $
    3 Maintenance notes:
    5 I am continuing to maintain the file command. I welcome your help,
    6 but to make my life easier I'd like to request the following:
    8 - Do not distribute changed versions.
   10 People trying to be helpful occasionally put up their hacked versions
   11 of the file command for anonymous FTP, and people all over the
   12 world get copies of the hacked versions.  Within a day or two I am
   13 getting email from around the world asking me why "my" file command
   14 won't compile!!! Needless to say this detracts from the limited
   15 time I have available to work on the actual software. Therefore I
   16 ask you again to please NOT distribute your changed version. If
   17 you need to make changes, please add a patch file next to the
   18 distribution tar, and a README file that clearly explains what you
   19 are trying to fix.
   21 Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.
   23 Code Overview
   25 This is a rough idea of the control flow from the main program:
   27 file.c	main()
   28 file.c	process (called for each file)
   29 		printf file name
   30 magic.c		magic_file()
   31 fsmagic.c		file_fsmagic()
   32 				(handles statbuf modes for DEV)
   33 			(handles statbuf modes for executable &c.
   34 			reads data from file.
   35 funcs.c:		file_buffer()
   36 compress.c			file_zmagic()
   37 is_tar.c			file_is_tar()
   38 softmagic.c			file_softmagic()
   39 						match() - looks for match against main magic database
   40 ascmagic.c			file_ascmagic()
   41 readelf.c		file_tryelf()
   42 				"unknown"
   44 Christos Zoulas (see README for email address)