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    2 This directory contains some tools, which extract various types of information
    3 from the symbolic information file generated by flat assembler, and present
    4 them in a human-readable form.
    6 The listing tool creates a listing of assembled code - this tool needs to be
    7 executed in the exact configuration, in which the assembly was taking place.
    8 All the source files and the output file aswell must not have been moved or
    9 modified - if any of them was altered before generating the listing, it is
   10 going to contain garbage instead of useful information. For example, if you
   11 assembled the file with the command like:
   13   fasm example.asm example.exe -s example.fas
   15 you should generate listing by immediately running this command from the same
   16 directory:
   18   listing example.fas example.lst
   20 In addition, the "-a" switch is recommended to use in the case of executable
   21 formats, as it allows to get the run-time addresses for all the assembled code
   22 and data.
   24 The preprocessed source and symbols dump tools are simpler ones - they only
   25 need the symbolic information file as input and generate proper output text
   26 regardless of the availability of other files.