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    2 ; flat assembler core
    3 ; Copyright (c) 1999-2022, Tomasz Grysztar.
    4 ; All rights reserved.
    6 _out_of_memory db 'out of memory',0
    7 _stack_overflow db 'out of stack space',0
    8 _main_file_not_found db 'source file not found',0
    9 _code_cannot_be_generated db 'code cannot be generated',0
   10 _format_limitations_exceeded db 'format limitations exceeded',0
   11 _invalid_definition db 'invalid definition provided',0
   12 _write_failed db 'write failed',0
   13 _file_not_found db 'file not found',0
   14 _error_reading_file db 'error reading file',0
   15 _invalid_file_format db 'invalid file format',0
   16 _invalid_macro_arguments db 'invalid macro arguments',0
   17 _incomplete_macro db 'incomplete macro',0
   18 _unexpected_characters db 'unexpected characters',0
   19 _invalid_argument db 'invalid argument',0
   20 _illegal_instruction db 'illegal instruction',0
   21 _invalid_operand db 'invalid operand',0
   22 _invalid_operand_size db 'invalid size of operand',0
   23 _operand_size_not_specified db 'operand size not specified',0
   24 _operand_sizes_do_not_match db 'operand sizes do not match',0
   25 _invalid_address_size db 'invalid size of address value',0
   26 _address_sizes_do_not_agree db 'address sizes do not agree',0
   27 _disallowed_combination_of_registers db 'disallowed combination of registers',0
   28 _long_immediate_not_encodable db 'not encodable with long immediate',0
   29 _relative_jump_out_of_range db 'relative jump out of range',0
   30 _invalid_expression db 'invalid expression',0
   31 _invalid_address db 'invalid address',0
   32 _invalid_value db 'invalid value',0
   33 _value_out_of_range db 'value out of range',0
   34 _undefined_symbol db 'undefined symbol',0
   35 _symbol_out_of_scope_1 db 'symbol',0
   36 _symbol_out_of_scope_2 db 'out of scope',0
   37 _invalid_use_of_symbol db 'invalid use of symbol',0
   38 _name_too_long db 'name too long',0
   39 _invalid_name db 'invalid name',0
   40 _reserved_word_used_as_symbol db 'reserved word used as symbol',0
   41 _symbol_already_defined db 'symbol already defined',0
   42 _missing_end_quote db 'missing end quote',0
   43 _missing_end_directive db 'missing end directive',0
   44 _unexpected_instruction db 'unexpected instruction',0
   45 _extra_characters_on_line db 'extra characters on line',0
   46 _section_not_aligned_enough db 'section is not aligned enough',0
   47 _setting_already_specified db 'setting already specified',0
   48 _data_already_defined db 'data already defined',0
   49 _too_many_repeats db 'too many repeats',0
   50 _invoked_error db 'error directive encountered in source file',0
   51 _assertion_failed db 'assertion failed',0