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"; include ("ssetup4.php"); }else { if (ereg(".", $uid) == 1) // create database { $sql = mysql_query("create database faqs"); $sql = mysql_query("grant all on faqs.* to $uid"); mysql_select_db (faqs); // table faq_admin { $sql = mysql_query("create table faq_admin ( uaid int(11) primary key default 0 auto_increment, userid varchar(30), userpass varchar(14))"); } $sql = "insert into faq_admin(userid, userpass) values('$user_id', '$user_pass')"; $result = mysql_query($sql); // table faq_dat { $sql = mysql_query("create table faq_dat ( fodr int(11) primary key default 0 auto_increment, faq_dat text, faq_user varchar(30) not null, faq_memo varchar(25) not null, faq_user_email varchar(30) not null, faq_date varchar(18), email varchar(2) default 'N', replies varchar(4) default 0, faq_fid varchar(5), redate varchar(18))"); } // table faq_forum { $sql = mysql_query("create table faq_forum ( fid int(11) primary key default 0 auto_increment, forum_name varchar(25) not null, description text)"); } // table faq_re_dat { $sql = mysql_query("create table faq_re_dat ( refaq_data text, faq_re_memo varchar(25), faq_reuser varchar(30) not null, faq_reuser_email varchar(30) not null, refac_date timestamp(14), faq_re_fid varchar(5), fodr varchar(11))"); } echo "

Your Database, Tables, and Administration information has been setup!\n

It is advisable that you either delete the setup directory and it's contents\n

or move it to a save location, due to potential security risks.\n

To setup your forum(s) go to The administration page

\n"; } else { print ("Error: You must fill in each field!!"); $verify = "bad"; echo"

"; include("ssetup4.php"); } } ?>