This page will assist you in setting up the needed Databases, Tables, and Information
needed to run Faq Administrator.

Before continuing, it is very important you make sure PHP4 and MySQL are installed,
configured, and operating properly.

When completed it is recommended that you delete the 'setup' directory, or place it
into a private location for security purposes.

System User ID:
User Name:


"System User ID":
This is the "System user" that will have privileges for the database.
This name also needs to be added to 'connect.php'.
For security reasons, it is not recommended you use "root, bin, nobody, daemon, or wheel".
To be safe use or create a restricted user.

"User Name":
This is 'your' Faq Administrator login name to be used with Administration pages.

This is 'your' Faq Administrator password that will be used with Administration pages

If you have any questions or problems contact