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    1 fake
    2 README
    3 Horms <horms@verge.net.au>
    4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    7 Overview
    8 --------
   10 Fake is a simple utility designed to enable the switching in of
   11 backup servers buy bringing up an additional interface
   12 and using ARP spoofing to take over the IP address. Either
   13 additional physically or logical interfaces can be used.
   15 Variants of the script have been used extensively at Zip World,
   16 http://www.zipworld.com.au./ for backing up various servers
   17 including the mail, web and proxy servers. Please be aware that
   18 though this system has been shown to work you are well advised to
   19 test the system thoroughly before putting into production.
   21 Please see the docs directory for a more thorough discussion
   22 of the process that has been implemented and the issues surrounding
   23 its use.
   25 send_arp was written by  yuri volobuev'97 <volobuev@t1.chem.umn.edu>
   26 and is included here for convenience with his permission.
   27 The primary site for all other materials relating to this is
   28 http://vergenet.net/linux/fake/. 
   30 For more information on configuring and running fake please see the
   31 fake(8) man page.