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    1 /**********************************************************************
    3 This software module was originally developed by
    4 and edited by Texas Instruments in the course of
    5 development of the MPEG-2 NBC/MPEG-4 Audio standard
    6 ISO/IEC 13818-7, 14496-1,2 and 3. This software module is an
    7 implementation of a part of one or more MPEG-2 NBC/MPEG-4 Audio tools
    8 as specified by the MPEG-2 NBC/MPEG-4 Audio standard. ISO/IEC gives
    9 users of the MPEG-2 NBC/MPEG-4 Audio standards free license to this
   10 software module or modifications thereof for use in hardware or
   11 software products claiming conformance to the MPEG-2 NBC/ MPEG-4 Audio
   12 standards. Those intending to use this software module in hardware or
   13 software products are advised that this use may infringe existing
   14 patents. The original developer of this software module and his/her
   15 company, the subsequent editors and their companies, and ISO/IEC have
   16 no liability for use of this software module or modifications thereof
   17 in an implementation. Copyright is not released for non MPEG-2
   18 NBC/MPEG-4 Audio conforming products. The original developer retains
   19 full right to use the code for his/her own purpose, assign or donate
   20 the code to a third party and to inhibit third party from using the
   21 code for non MPEG-2 NBC/MPEG-4 Audio conforming products. This
   22 copyright notice must be included in all copies or derivative works.
   24 Copyright (c) 1997.
   25 **********************************************************************/
   26 /*
   27  * $Id: tns.h,v 1.6 2012/03/01 18:34:17 knik Exp $
   28  */
   30 #ifndef TNS_H
   31 #define TNS_H
   33 #ifdef __cplusplus
   34 extern "C" {
   35 #endif /* __cplusplus */
   38 void TnsInit(faacEncStruct* hEncoder);
   39 void TnsEncode(TnsInfo* tnsInfo, int numberOfBands,int maxSfb,enum WINDOW_TYPE blockType,
   40                int* sfbOffsetTable,double* spec);
   41 void TnsEncodeFilterOnly(TnsInfo* tnsInfo, int numberOfBands, int maxSfb,
   42                          enum WINDOW_TYPE blockType, int *sfbOffsetTable, double *spec);
   43 void TnsDecodeFilterOnly(TnsInfo* tnsInfo, int numberOfBands, int maxSfb,
   44                          enum WINDOW_TYPE blockType, int *sfbOffsetTable, double *spec);
   46 #ifdef __cplusplus
   47 }
   48 #endif /* __cplusplus */
   50 #endif /* TNS_H */