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Member "ext3undel-0.1.6/filetypes.foremost" (25 Jun 2008, 763 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/old/ext3undel-0.1.6.tar.gz:

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    1 avi;AVI video files
    2 bmp;(Windows) bitmap graphic files
    3 cpp;C source code
    4 doc;MSWord (*.doc)
    5 exe;Windows PE binary (includes *.dll)
    6 gif;GIF graphic (Graphics Interchange Format)
    7 htm;HTML document (*.htm, *.html)
    8 jpg;JPEG graphic (including implementations used in modern digital cameras)
    9 mov;QuickTime video (*.mov)
   10 mpg;MPEG video (must begin with 0x000001BA)
   11 ole;MS OLE (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access, etc.)
   12 pdf;Adobe PDF (*.pdf)
   13 png;PNG graphic (Portable Network Graphics)
   14 rar;RAR archive (*.rar)
   15 riff;RIFF audio and AVI together (faster than running each separately)
   16 wav;Wave Audio (*.wav)
   17 wmv;Windows Media Video (*.wmv) and Audio (*.wma)
   18 zip;ZIP Archive (*.zip and *.jar), or Open Office document (they are zip’d XML)
   19 all;All file types known to foremost