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$Id: history 42 2008-07-25 18:42:24Z izzy $

History for ext3undel

v0.1.6 (25.07.2008)

! source partition selection in gabi was missed to fix * added warning to ralf if source file system is not ext2/ext3 ! fixed a little problem with photorecs freespace/wholespace parameter ! filetypes.* have neither been correctly installed nor referenced

v0.1.5 (11.07.2008)

! PhotoRec version check failed for versions <6 (thanks to Christophe to point this out and provide the fix) ! when recovery failed, G.A.B.I. always said it was foremosts fault (even though PhotoRec may have been used) - again thanks to Christophe + added support for PhotoRecs wholespace/freespace feature (see man pages for details) ! mount points have not been detected correctly if their “device path” was too long (and thus caused wrapped lines in df output) ! using a “WIP” version of PhotoRec (e.g. 6.10-WIP), the scripts failed at the version check (minor version ‘10-WIP’ not numeric)

v0.1.4 (01.07.2008)

v0.1.3 (25.06.2008)

! wildcard matching did not work as expected (tnx to Martintxo to point this out). Now they should - as you would expect in the shell (“?” matching a single character, “” matching none or many characters: ”r?lf.” matches “ralf.txt” or “rolf.doc” but not “rolf” (due to the dot) * again tnx to Martintxo: If the iNode is not found, you may try the directory the deleted file was in, before recovering the entire disk. Hint added. + added new configuration parameters “DEBUG” and “SILENT”, so you can tell the script how much it should “talk” + added manpage for the configuration file (use “man ext3undel.conf” to see)

v0.1.2 (22.06.2008)

v0.1.1 (18.06.2008)

! syntax error in gabi caused the script to always abort * made the messages in ralf a bit more clear + added support for wildcards to ralf * safeguarded user input (make sure we get numbers when needed, etc.) * taking care for the changed cmd line with photoRec 6.9+ (new parameters) in ralf (was already done in gabi)

v0.1.0 (14.06.2008)