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    1 Library Features:
    2 + rename erase* methods that access a file to remove* 
    3 + add ExifData::erase(tag)
    4 + Thumbnail support: set (re-calculate)
    5 + operator>> for Value, since we already have read()?
    6 + Use size_t where appropriate
    7 + Support TIFF type ids
    8 + Support for broken IFD makernotes (which have corrupted IFD offsets)
    9 + Support non-intrusive deletion of entries from an IFD.
   10 + Write an example using low level IFD classes to print summary Exif info
   11 + Extended JPEG support (actual resolution of the image)
   12 + Implement proper error handling
   13 + Complete support to create Exif data from scratch:
   14   + set thumbnail, write thumbnail tags
   15 + Make it possible to force write from metadata (just an optional arg to write?)
   17 + Make Image::doWriteMetadata do its work in a single pass
   19 + Revise Image and IptcData+ExifData API (aka turn it inside out)
   20 + Add PSD images support (and TIFF, NEF, CRW...)
   21 + Add support for XML metadata files
   23 Exiv2 functionality
   24 + Add offset to value for hexdump (requires metadata to have an offset)
   26 Bugs:
   27 + Handle all Todo's
   28 + Cleanup and fix implementation of JpegImage (must be able to read any APP0/1),
   29   should be able to insert exv into extracted thumbs (usually w/o APP0/1)
   30 + Review Image interface. Is it really necessary to have so many functions there?
   31 + Review the handling of type ids? What if we encounter type 27 in an IFD?
   32 + Rational and other output operators (see Josuttis, p653)
   33 + Through ExifData::iterator and Metadatum::operator= it is possible to have 
   34   multiple copies of one metadatum in the metadata container
   35 + Checks and non-intrusive updates must be atomic, i.e., not change anything
   36   if the metadata is not compatible
   37 + Review: Exception safety
   38 + Review: Ifd1 only at Thumbnail, do we really need Thumbnail::update() ?
   39 + Should JpegImage differ between NO Jpeg comment and an empty Jpeg comment??