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    1 1.1.0
    2 	- Initial GPL v3 release
    3 1.1.5
    4 	- find_ftp_file function changed to use awk instead of cut.  This 
    5 		should make ftp uploads more reliable
    6 	- version info is now displayed in page footers
    7 	- disclaimer can be disabled in the footer now by setting $showdisclaimer = FALSE
    8 	- footer banner/image not displayed if $banner is NULL or empty (which is the default)
    9 	- split up inc.php into functions.php and inc.php.  functions.php now holds constants 
   10 		and functions only.  inc.php only contains default variable values
   11 	- inc.php now includes inc.php.local.  It is recommended that inc.php be copied to 
   12 		inc.php.local and all values changed there.  inc.php.local will not be over-
   13 		written upon release updates (won't be included in the tar/zip packages)
   14 	- admin page was updated to include the total number of files and disk space used
   15 	- INSTALL file was updated to reflect the changes above (mainly inc.php.local)
   16 1.1.6
   17 	- Added option to inc.php for recording transfer (including modification) history ($savehistory)
   18 		Only logs source IP, fileid, sessionid, and browser info (not for downloads yet)
   19 	- Added option to inc.php for showing logging disclaimer in footer ($discloselogging)
   20 	- Modified eventhorizon.sql to reflect new History table
   21 	- Added update-1.1.6.sql to the fileset.  This is for upgrading from pre-1.1.6 to 1.1.6.
   22 		It only creates the history table
   23 	- Modified functions.php to include additional footer text if $discloselogging = TRUE
   24 	- Modified en.inc language file to include $historyfootertext for showing in the footer
   25 	- FUTURE: with logging capabilities, we could decrease error log messages some
   26 1.1.7
   27 	- Added option to inc.php for setting company name ($companyname).  Now we don't have to
   28 		worry about overwriting lang/en.inc on subsequent updates
   29 	- Created new function in functions.php to perform History table inserts (modified pertinent
   30 		pages to use this new function)
   31 	- Modified History table: dropped sessid and fileid since they'd be useless anyway, and added
   32 		filename, srcemail, dstemail
   33 	- Added a view history page (linked from admin index)
   34 	- Fixed minor bug in title menu (it had an extra "upload" link which shouldn't be visible unless
   35 		FTP uploads are disabled)
   36 1.1.8
   37 	- Added logging to cleanup scripts so files deleted upon expiration are logged too
   38 	- Replaced javascript which queried browser information to use $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] instead (now we can log
   39 		browser information for ALL transactions)
   40 	- Replaced history insert code in purge.php with new function (missed this one first time around)
   41 	- Removed superfluous $domains entry from uploadfiles.php (this was supersceding the value 
   42 		set in inc.php.local
   43 	- Added History filtering/searching as well as column choices
   44 	- Minor code cleanup
   45 1.1.9
   46 	- Slightly modified the recipient emails to have a more user-friendly URL and 
   47 		instructions for downloading if the URL doesn't work
   48 1.1.9a
   49 	- Fixed SQL injection vulnerabilities in multiple files.  This brings the app into PCI compliance
   50 1.1.10
   51 	- Added configuration file directive to say whether or not the site is SSL enabled.
   52 	- Changed links to reflect whether or not site is SSL enabled (default to https if possible).
   53 	- Fixed various and sundry embedded "TNI" and replaced with $companyname
   54 	- Fixed incomplete download page with invalid download code
   55 1.1.11
   56 	- Added fix for XSS vulnerability in modfile.php