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    1 THANKS
    2 ------
    4 Phil Thompson for providing PyQt and QScintilla and pushing me into this
    5 business some years ago.
    7 Andrew Bushnell of Fluent Inc. for contributing the multithreading debugger
    8 and a bunch of fixes to enhance the platform independance.
   10 Tobias Rzepka for providing Python2 compatibility for eric6.
   12 Henk Spaay
   13 Gordon Tyler
   14 Hans-Peter Jansen
   15 Ralf Ahlbrink
   16 Stefan Jaensch
   17 Martin v. Löwis
   18 Thorsten Kohnhorst
   19 Torsten Marek
   20 Maciek Fijalkowski
   21 for providing patches to improve eric3/4/5/6.
   23 Alexander Barkoff, Alexander Darovsky and Mikhail Terekhov for providing
   24 Russian translations.
   25 Julien Vienne for providing French translations.
   26 Zdenek Böhm for providing Czech translations.
   27 Jaime Seuma for providing Spanish translations.
   28 Serdar Kocdas for providing Turkish translations.
   29 Xia WeiPeng for providing Chinese translations.
   30 Gianluca, Leonardo Giordani, Gianpietro Zamolo for providing Italian
   31 translations.
   32 Candido Fontes for providing Portugese translations.
   34 Shane Richards for Crystal Icons.
   36 The Kumula Team for the (old Troll based) splash screen.
   37 Thimo Kraemer for the (new Python based) splash screen and icons.
   39 And all the people who reported bugs and made suggestions.
   41 Translator plug-in flag icons:
   42 These flag icons are based on flag icons designed by from Flaticon.
   44 Thanks,
   45 Detlev