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    1 /* Copyright (C) 1993-2005 Ghostgum Software Pty Ltd.  All rights reserved.
    3   This software is provided AS-IS with no warranty, either express or
    4   implied.
    6   This software is distributed under licence and may not be copied,
    7   modified or distributed except as expressly authorised under the terms
    8   of the licence contained in the file LICENCE in this distribution.
   10   For more information about licensing, please refer to
   11   http://www.ghostgum.com.au/ or contact Ghostsgum Software Pty Ltd, 
   12   218 Gallaghers Rd, Glen Waverley VIC 3150, AUSTRALIA, 
   13   Fax +61 3 9886 6616.
   14 */
   16 /* $Id: ceps.h,v 1.13 2005/06/10 09:39:24 ghostgum Exp $ */
   18 /* EPS preview manipulation */
   20 int extract_doseps(Doc *doc, LPCTSTR outname, BOOL preview);
   21 int extract_macbin(Doc *doc, LPCTSTR outname, BOOL preview);
   22 int make_eps_tiff(Doc *doc, IMAGE *img, CDSCBBOX devbbox, 
   23     CDSCBBOX *bbox, CDSCFBBOX *hires_bbox,
   24     float xdpi, float ydpi, BOOL tiff4, BOOL use_packbits, BOOL reverse,
   25     LPCTSTR epsname);
   26 int make_eps_user(Doc *doc, LPCTSTR preview_name, BOOL reverse, 
   27     LPCTSTR epsname);
   28 int make_eps_interchange(Doc *doc, IMAGE *img, CDSCBBOX devbbox, 
   29     CDSCBBOX *bbox, CDSCFBBOX *hires_bbox,
   30     LPCTSTR epsname);
   31 int make_eps_metafile(Doc *doc, IMAGE *img, CDSCBBOX devbbox, 
   32     CDSCBBOX *bbox, CDSCFBBOX *hires_bbox,
   33     float xdpi, float ydpi, BOOL reverse, LPCTSTR epsname);
   34 int make_eps_pict(Doc *doc, IMAGE *img,
   35     CDSCBBOX *bbox, CDSCFBBOX *hires_bbox,
   36     float xdpi, float ydpi, CMAC_TYPE type, LPCTSTR epsname);
   37 int copy_page_temp(Doc *doc, GFile *f, int page);
   38 int copy_page_nosave(Doc *doc, GFile *f, int page);
   39 int copy_eps(Doc *doc, LPCTSTR epsname, CDSCBBOX *bbox, CDSCFBBOX *hires_bbox,
   40     int offset, BOOL dcs2_multi);
   43 struct RENAME_SEPARATION_s {
   44     char *oldname;
   45     char *newname;
   46     RENAME_SEPARATION *next;
   47 };
   48 int rename_separations(CDSC *dsc, RENAME_SEPARATION *rs, const char *renamed[]);
   49 int copy_dcs2(Doc *doc, GFile *docfile, 
   50     Doc *doc2, GFile *docfile2, 
   51     GFile *epsfile, LPCTSTR epsname,
   52     int offset, BOOL dcs2_multi, BOOL write_all, BOOL missing_separations,
   53     FILE_POS *complen, GFile *composite, RENAME_SEPARATION *rs,
   54     int tolerance);